Schematic And Chart Creation

Yes!  I do create knitting pattern charts and schematics!

I charge $15US per hour for both chart creation and schematic drawings.

For charts, the program that I use to create them in is StitchMastery.  Reading your pattern line-by-line, I enter the data into StitchMastery to generate the chart.  The program also automatically creates a Stitch Key so your chart knitters know exactly what each symbol means.  I save the file and email it to you as an attachment that you can then place in your pattern.

For schematic drawings, I use a program called Inkscape.  It is a vector based drawing program, meaning that the lines created in it are always smooth and never jagged with pixels.  I will use a photo of your items and your measurements to recreate it as a simple drawing.  I then add in the measurements in such a way that your knitter can easily see at a glance what the construction of the item is like.  I save the file as a PNG file, and email it to you as an attachment.  If you are happy with the amount of detail, you can easily insert it into your pattern.

A note on PNG files... I love them!  You can scale them or shrink them to fit your document format and the images NEVER loose that crisp, beautiful sharpness.  This is one of the huge elements that really makes a pattern stand out as a professionally produced publication.